My Portfolio

These pieces are all apart of a current project of mine: A webcomic titled Hypnogogia, which is written, drawn, and conceptualized by me. The setting of the science fiction story is an alternate reality to our own, on a planet called Hiraeth. With a world so connected and progressive, such technology easily fell into the wrong hands – setting the stage for a society ruled by force-fed simulated dreams.

2 + 2 = 5 is another part of the story, acting as a poster and landscape of one of the locations within the story.

The Narrative is another element of the world of my story is a magical book which crashed down on Hiraeth in ancient times. This book explained a key element of how the universe worked, leading to rapid progression for humanity in this timeline. This book, seemingly coming from space itself, was dubbed simply as “The Narrative,” and is said to grant its user both the knowledge and ability to alter the fabric of reality itself: a reality which they realize was made up entirely of microscopic butterflies. I created a physical version of The Narrative for an IB (International Baccalaureate) Art project, along with many other pieces detailed below that feature characters from the story.

Various character designs for Hypnogogia, including the protagonists (Switchboss and Mercyboss), and some of their adversaries (The Abyssal and Meraki).

Ambo-Membrum Inferius Schematic was an IB Art project intended to begin introducing one of the main characters, Mercyboss into the art surrounding my story. Using the idea of medical blueprints for prosthetic limbs, I wanted to create story ques to lead any keen-eyed readers further with characters in the story, as well as continue the tone of cyber-retro-futuristic punk design. The overall ideas for pieces such as these are to be singular pieces of information that give few clues and keep viewers guessing and drawing more information as they find more artifacts like this blueprint for what is happening.

Whispers of the Crystalline Desert was a digital painting for another location in the world of Hiraeth. It represents a landscape both in my story’s setting, and a character’s mind, that being TRQ (The Robobot Queen). The idea is that a character, represents the creative side of the split brain theory, and the landscape of the Crystalline Desert where she wanders in the present time of the story. She literally sees the world in dreamlike moments, unsure of reality, dancing in the desert. I drew the piece using PaintTool SAI2 and finally adjusting my overall colors to the triad color scheme to meet my vision of the bizarrely geometric and surreal desert concept.

Hiraeth, The World You Never Knew was my pretend documentary set in my world functioning as a warning and expositional piece. The villain in the story, Petrichor took all of the issues with humanity and silenced them by forcing everyone into a constant state of dreaming. If the populace sees exactly what they want to see, they do not complain of the censorship of our valuable historical lessons of our history. The voice acting done by myself, editing, work, and sources cut into the final piece, inspired by John Carpenter’s ‘They Live,’ and George Orwell’s ‘1984.’

A Map of the World of Hiraeth. This began as a hand-drawn concept, then was scanned, then digitally reproduced so that I could use it for further storytelling purposes for Hypnogogia.

During my Junior and Senior years at Centaurus High School I designed several CSQUAD Poster Designs for the school’s event organizing team, CSQUAD. These had a color scheme matching the school’s red and blue mascot. Each one was for a specific purpose, with requirements in mind of the tone. The CSQUAD Personnel Meeting poster, for example, had to portray a lot of information, yet still be able to catch the viewers eye. Cramfest was much more of a homemade feeling to tie into the calm and enticing event before finals week.

This poster design was to support La Raza, which is a Denver based organization that advocates and raises money and promotes youth leadership especially in poverty-stricken Latino communities, as well as advocating for culturally responsive human services to all Colorado communities in need.

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MarchFourth is a band I made a poster design for in the summer of 2015 for a contest. My inspiration for the poster was to portray the band’s motto; ‘This band is your band,’ visually. Thus, I considered heavily on Russian-era propaganda, as well as American recruitment posters for inspiration given the ‘sharing community’ and overall red color the band is recognized for. The poster won second place from a class vote, but when the band members went to see them they chose mine instead for first place.

Eyes of the Beheld was a project I made for my freshman year. I purposefully wanted to integrate an illustration overlaid on a QR code. Getting this to work functionally as well as portray my message (of drawing viewers deeper into the world without words) effectively was difficult, but was an interesting and great way to practice hierarchy, layering, and framing. Another element of the project was mocking it up digitally in a real-world setting.

The Typeface Assignment from my freshman year was a project in which I was able to create a title typeface for my comic, inspired by the visual themes from it. It was interesting to work with repeated modular elements, such as in the lowercase especially was the circle-dot eye or set of triangular pupil to symbolize the strange, always-being-watched tone, while still being a modern sans-serif.