Marchfourth Poster

A poster project that I made for the marching/jazz band, Marchfourth. After reading their tagline, 'This Band is your Band,' I immediately thought of Soviet propaganda, and this poster is the result for the contest that was held at my high school to create it. Featuring a rising sun in the background, poster folds and creases (added in for effect), and grunge to give off a sort of old poster vibe.

  • More info on the poster Here
  • More info on the band, Marchfourth Here
  • Team Mystic Poster

    A poster I made for fun for the hit mobile app game, Pokemon GO, by Niantic and the Pokemon Company (Under Nintendo). Team Mystic itself represents knowledge and calmness in any situation. All ideas and symbols not owned by me, but by Niantic, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo. The poster features gradience and texture overlayed on the text and the Pokemon sillhoutte (Articuno).

  • More on Pokemon GO Here

  • Works and Edits of my own

    Artwork and photoshop Edits that aren't really tied to anything other than my own mind or what I think other things should look like.

    Silly Arts and Edits

    Just for fun! Photoshop edits and artwork! Maybe something game related! Exclamations!

    Video Game Art and Edits

    Metal Gear Solid, Undertale, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch- the list never ends! Artwork and Photoshop edits I've made based off of my favorite games!